Elise's latest book, When Gina Pressed Enter, is finally here! 

When Gina Pressed Enter

Gina needs to get cracking on her dreaded Rembrandt assignment. It’s due in three days, and she hasn’t even started it yet! She’d much rather play with the smartphone Dad just bought for her birthday. There are heaps of cool apps already installed, but one in particular catches her eye … Quantum Timeline, The latest time-travel application from Future Industries Inc. When Gina opens Quantum Timeline, she thinks it might help with her Rembrandt assignment. Instead, she finds herself back in the year 1641, in Holland, in Rembrandt’s house. And her phone is missing!

How will Gina get back home in a world with no internet, no electricity, and without her phone?


When Gina Pressed Enter - written by Elise De Silva
Paperback - 140 pages, suitable for middle grade readers approx 8-12 years-old

Cost - NZD$15 + shipping

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A joyful book about big ideas, big disappointments, and big successes.

Rabbit's Big Idea Paperback
Rabbit's Big Idea - Kindle

Ebook - USD$2.99

Suitable for 3-7 years olds.

Rabbit's Big Idea

Rabbit is woken up in the middle of the night by an idea, and a big one at that - to upgrade his local park. He's dead keen on the idea, but not everyone is as enthusiastic. With a little friendly advice, Rabbit learns about perseverance and the belief required to see a Big Idea come to pass. This is a heart-warming story that inspires resilience in both the young and young at heart.


Rabbit's Big Idea - written and illustrated by Elise De Silva
Paperback - 32 pages, suitable for 3-7 year olds

Cost - NZD$19.50 + shipping

Reviews for Rabbit's Big Idea

"Charming and inspiring story about daring to dream big and sticking to your plans no matter the obstacles...Great lesson for kids about resilience and making a difference."

Dionne Christian - New Zealand Herald
Canvas Magazine


"Elise De Silva has brought this experience to children in a delightful manner, her artwork is very retro and uber cool...Brilliant job well done. Five stars."

Julie Halligan - elocal magazine


"Elise has put her heart and soul into this book, and has produced a magical story! It illustrates the qualities of resilience and perseverance and the importance of believing in yourself and your ideas. 

I can definitely see this story being utilised in our junior classes with our students! "

Marie Todd - Assistant Principal
Cockle Bay School

Inside look - page 3

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Christian coloring book
Inspired by the Epistles - colouring book
Inspiring verses from the Church Epistles are paired with unique designs by New Zealand based artist, Elise De Silva. Each page is lovingly crafted to be both beautiful and Easy on the Eyes. No mind bending, cross-eye inducing images here. What better way to combine two great passions than with God's Word and colouring?


Inspired by the Epistles - Design and images Elise De Silva. Text quoted from KJV.
Paperback - over 20 single sided images, 120 gsm paper, perforated pages

Framing - images can be trimmed to fit either 8x10 or 5x7 frames

Cost - NZD$19.50 + shipping

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